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A selection of reviews of “Mystical Circles”

Caroline Bailey: “an intriguing mix of characters at The Wheel of Love – a cult centre in the heart of the Cotswolds … intricate tapestry of human emotions and psyches with a romantic thread weaving through the midst.”

Amanda Flanagan: “Finished “Mystical Circles” before even getting out of bed this morn! Really enjoyed reading it and the more I learned about the characters, the more hooked I became.”

Geraldine Clarkson: “I’ve now just read “Mystical Circles” almost in one sitting – a gripping and insightful story, really well-told!”

Marsha Randolph: “Mystical Circles… will captivate you from the first paragraph… from page one… my antennas were up… like any good mystery the more I read the more questions I had.. if a great mystery would not keep you reading there was a touch of romance as well… Mystical Circles is definitely a page turner. I recommend this book.”

Sue B: “I really enjoyed Mystical Circles… the book held my interest from start to finish, and I admit to having difficulties putting it down! The characters were believable… the ending came as a surprise to me. Well done Sheila – I await your next book!”

Marie C: “weaves romance and attraction with spiritual searching and emotional needs, powerful universal themes which affect us all in different ways… a fascinating mystical love story.”

Ann C: “A page-turning read. A mystery story with echoes of spiritual themes seen in novels by Howatch and Lewis. Characters are believable and the story moves with pace.”

Eleanor M Watkins: “I fell in love with the beautiful house where the story is set and wanted to go there immediately… against this backdrop a tense and intriguing psychological drama is worked out… the complex  characters… react and interact… in ways that surprise and sometimes shock… intense and compelling story.”

Francis Smith: “a gripping read…I wanted to get to the end to find out who were the goodies and baddies and what would happen to Juliet and her sister.”

Fay Sampson: “Skillman has assembled an eccentric yet engaging cast of characters at the retreat centre of the esoteric Wheel of Love… the community’s practices, and their effect on vulnerable individuals, ring true…romantic…. colourful… with a well-observed cast and an exotic setting.”

Liz O:  “Mystical Circles is a gripping novel that kept my attention right the way through.  S.C.Skillman has an engaging style of writing and an immediacy that draws you into the characters’ inner thoughts right from the beginning…a well-crafted book and a very enjoyable read… highly recommended!”

Sue W: “I really wanted to know what was going to happen next and had to keep reading to find out who the goodies and baddies were.”

Heather F: “I enjoyed Mystical Circles.  It has real page turning quality.  I wanted to know what was going to happen and some events were particularly surprising. The bunch of characters S.C.Skillman had assembled were believable and quite likely to have felt The Wheel of Love was for them.  …  The sequel could be fascinating.”

Freda S: “I am now well into the book and thoroughly enjoying it …  SC Skillman explores issues and …  captures the different sorts of needs in people that lead them to seek spiritual relief.”

Julia G: “I enjoyed the intrigue around the various characters which led me to want to find out more about the odd & motley collection of people at this Cotswolds retreat… (with) their lifestyle of fine wines and Dom Perignon champagne …  I was intrigued to learn more about dynamic meditation and dream yoga… ”

Michael P: “In Mystical Circles, Skillman has introduced us to a scenario where a number of unusual characters are interacting in a completely closed environment…the members of the Wheel of Love retreat centre are developed clearly and after putting the book down for a few days I was able to pick it up again and the characters and their interactions immediately came to mind…  a good exciting story line.”

Susan C:  “Congratulations on Mystical Circles. It was an intriguing story which kept me guessing right up to the end!”

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  1. Isabella Mackowski said:

    I too greatly enjoyed Sheila Skillmans first novel, It was very descriptive and moved in a good pace,

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