Perilous Path: A Writer’s Journey

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As an author of psychological, paranormal and mystery fiction for young adults and new adults, I’ve put together a short self-help book for aspiring writers. Want to know how to write a novel? Or perhaps you’re writing a novel right now and could do with some encouragement, friendly tips and motivation to keep going. And while you’re after that, how about discovering more about some of your favourite writers, their lives and works? Perhaps you just need some inspiration and guidance. Inside this self help book Perilous Path, you’ll find nuggets and insights about such famous authors as JRR Tolkien, Jane Austen and George Orwell as well as unexpected help from people as diverse as Carl Jung,  Ernest Hemingway and David Hockney.

Here’s a thoughtful review of the book, posted online in early 2019:

A gift from GamesExpo over the weekend. Dad spoke to the author and bought this lovely little book for me.

S.C.Skillman has three books out, this slim book with hints and help for writers and two novels (I have now bought the first in her duology).

Perilous Path: A Writer’s Journey consists of several small chapters, no more than a few pages each, all highlighting certain aspects of writing that authors may come up against (such as writers block, where to get ideas, and creating 3D characters etc.).

The book is a physical manifestation of the author’s blog; having taken specific posts and collected them into this handy book; it’s easy to read and not cumbersome with too much information or over explaining.

I found the first half of this book of essays relaxed and interesting; the author re-hashed other ideas that I’ve heard before (of course with her own insight and knowledge), however I found the second half of the book very bitty. S.C.Skillman talks a lot about Carl Jung and applies his theories to writing and character creation; for me, the essays would have gone down easier if they were spaced out more throughout the book than all together at the end, although the application of Jung’s psychological theories to character creation is interesting indeed.

Perilous Path: A Writer’s Journey is informative to any aspiring writer (and indeed other writers who fancy another person’s point of view) giving new thoughts and insight from S.C.Skillman herself. An easy to read book that gives the option to read selected essays or the whole collection.

K.A. Birch

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On a journey (2)


Life itself

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