SC Skillman

Author of paranormal, psychological, mystery fiction and non-fiction. Living in Warwickshire in the heart of England, I am inspired by my surroundings for both my fiction and non-fiction books. ‘Paranormal Warwickshire’ was published by Amberley on 15th November 2020 and ‘Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire on 15th April 2022. I’m currently working on a third book for Amberley, ‘A-Z of Warwick.’

My new book, ‘Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire’, is out now!

Filled with more than 100 high quality images, the book reveals a wealth of strange tales and local legends from Shakespeare’s Country.

“Curious beliefs and customs were once widespread in Warwickshire’s towns and villages, some of which still flourish today. These strange and spooky stories include the quirky death of the Roundhead commander who owned Warwick Castle, the association of the great author J. R. R. Tolkien with the town, and the story of the hand of glory obtained at Warwick hangings. The historic buildings of Stratford-upon-Avon have witnessed many strange events over the centuries and more recently the Crackley Wood sprite has been sighted at Kenilworth. Other stories include the Wroth Silver at Knightlow Cross, an 800-year‑old violent ball game played annually at Atherstone on Shrove Tuesday, and the unresolved mystery of the 1945 murder at Lower Quinton associated with witchcraft, along with other strange tales from the surrounding towns and villages. These stories are accompanied by the author’s photographs in this hugely entertaining book.”

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