Lance’s Coach Tour

Here is a delightful blog post by Lance Greenfield, one of the first reviewers of Mystical Circles on Goodreads. Thank you, Lance, for your tour of Stonehenge, one of my favourite places!

Write to Inspire

Welcome aboard the inaugural coach tour for followers of Lance Greenfield’s blog.

This is the first of many exciting day trips that I shall be running for invited blogging friends. We can enjoy the company of fellow bloggers as we tour through time and space. We will meet many interesting characters from past and future, and some of the places we may visit will be beyond our wildest dreams.

I am open to suggestions for where and when we might venture on future coach tours, but today we are going to visit a world famous historic site which is only twelve miles from my current humble dwelling in the south of England.

Today’s trip takes us to Stonehenge!

Stonehenge Sunrise at Stonehenge

First on board are my old friends Eloise and Lucie. They quickly settle down at the front of the coach and observe their fellow passengers as the climb…

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Author: scskillman

I write suspense and paranormal fiction: "Mystical Circles" (psychological suspense) and "A Passionate Spirit" (paranormal thriller). I've also published a short non-fiction book "Perilous Path: A Writer's Journey", full of helpful tips, insights and reminders for writers. Find all my books here:

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