Lance’s Coach Tour #6

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The voting is over and my passengers are boarding for the sixth grand coach tour.

Welcome aboard!

The front two seats are quickly occupied by Sheila and Colleen, who are all ready singing  even before the expected arrival of Howard boards with his trusty guitar.

coachFollowing her success with the cake for Beethoven on the last tour, Teagan skips up the steps with another delightful cake for whomever we will visit today. She may be in for a shock!

I am very happy that doctors Lucie and Victo Dolore are on board. We may need medics before the day is out.

Donna, HughDavidAlkaRituVashtiFrancis and Ane dash past me and on up to the back of the bus to form a new singing group in competition to the bunch at the front. I can already see that this is going to be a very…

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