Blog Tour for Author Lizzie Chantree: The Woman Who Felt Invisible

Today I’m pleased to be part of the blog tour for a delightful new contemporary novel by fellow-author Lizzie Chantree.

The Woman Who Felt Invisible is a title which I believe will engage many women especially those who are creative, and involved in marketing and promotion of their own creative work. I am part of a Facebook book group run by Lizzie and she does an enormous amount to support and encourage other authors, asking us challenging and stimulating questions, and sharing helpful information. For many of us, she is building up authors to step out on a path to becoming much more visible. In this novel, Lizzie gives us a main protagonist, Olivia, who goes on a journey many women will identify with.

Cover design for novel ‘The Woman Who Felt Invisible’ by Lizzie Chantree

I must admit I was immediately attracted to this novel by the gorgeous cover design. I am an occasional reader of women’s contemporary novels with romance stirred in, and I feel sure Lizzie’s novels strongly appeal to all those who love such writers as Katie Fforde, Debbie Young, Ritu Bhathal and Fern Britton.

Here is the blurb for Lizzie’s new novel:

A gorgeous romantic story of love and new beginnings. Learning to love herself and be content on her own is the first step. But will Olivia be able to leave her past behind, follow her heart and find lasting happiness? A read full of humour, romance and tear-jerking reality, from international bestselling author, Lizzie Chantree.

Have you ever felt invisible? 

Working as a stationery supervisor and a sitter to a pair of internet famous, delinquent dogs, wasn’t how former cyber-specialist, Olivia, imagined her life turning out. 

Working in a tiny cubicle with a decrepit computer and being overlooked had suited her for a while, but now she’s fed up, lonely and determined to make the world ‘see’ her again. 

Old school friend, Darius, wants to fill Olivia’s days with romance, but their love of technology has taken them on very different paths. 

Gorgeous undercover policeman Gabe, is steadfast in finding out if Olivia was part of an online scam, but something doesn’t feel right and he suspects someone else was manipulating her life. 

Can love blossom from the most deceptive of starts? And can someone who feels lost, find a way to flourish against all odds?

Author Lizzie Chantree

International bestselling author and award-winning inventor, Lizzie Chantree, started her own business at the age of 18 and became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year in 2000. She discovered her love of writing fiction when her children were little and now works as a business mentor and runs a popular networking hour on social media, where creatives can support to each other. She writes books full of friendship and laughter, that are about women with unusual and adventurous businesses, who are far stronger than they realise. She lives with her family on the coast in Essex. Visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @Lizzie_Chantree

Short bio:

International bestselling author Lizzie Chantree, started her own business at the age of 18 and became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year. She writes books full of friendship and laughter, about women with unusual businesses, who are stronger than they realise.

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One thought on “Blog Tour for Author Lizzie Chantree: The Woman Who Felt Invisible

  1. Thank you for being part of my launch day and for this beautiful blog post. I really appreciate your kind words. The woman who felt invisible, ebook is just 99p/99c for a few days to celebrate the launch! X

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