Today I share with you this reblog of a post by artist Adam Tucker. I follow Adam on Instagram and love his art: I have prints of four of his paintings in my house. Every year, when Warwickshire Open Studios is held, Adam is one of the artists I visit. This year I have just joined Warwickshire Open Studios myself, and hope to exhibit some of my paintings at their Summer Art Weeks. ( see ‘My Artwork’ on the menu).
In this post, Adam writes about painting clouds – and that’s something I’d like to become better at myself so I shall study this post carefully!

Adam Richard Tucker

Most of us, I am sure, have at some point or another looked up at the clouds and imagined the animals we can see in their shapes. This has got a name. It’s called pareidolia. Can you see the two cats fighting below? Or is that just me?

I don’t know about you, but I very rarely look up nowadays, and even notice the clouds. They’re just there. Oh of course I notice them if they’re doing something strange or out of the ordinary, like being lit by a wonderful sunset. But whole days can go by and I don’t even look up at all.

And that is a great shame. The clouds are awesome! I remember early experiences of flying above the clouds and seeing their amazing castle-like shapes rising beneath the airplane. I used to imagine that that was what Heaven was like. I actually Heaven is nothing…

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