The Vicar’s Shocking Discovery

I couldn’t resist reblogging this, yet another dry satirical post from my son Jamie Robinson on his blog The Lower Strangling Chronicles. Again, I know Jamie’s inspiration: we recently found a case full of Nazi memorabilia in a local Warwickshire antique store, which fascinated us, as we speculated about who might choose to buy it!

The Lower Strangling Chronicles

Although it was only February, the Rev. Simon Abernathy started his spring cleaning early, as he had nothing else to do.

The loft at the vicarage was a place Simon had rarely ventured into since he moved in over 30 years ago, and he felt it was time to see what was in there and whether any of it was worth keeping.

Simon gingerly climbed up the ladder and into the loft. He had never properly been in the loft, as everything he actually needed from there was at arm’s reach from the door.

Simon surveyed the room. Although it was dark, dusty, and filled to the brim with cardboard boxes, he could see that it would make a nice loft conversion.

With that in mind, he began sifting through the boxes.

Most of the boxes had items in them he had never seen before, probably forgotten about and left…

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