My Australian Journey 2022 #1: Arrival in Brisbane

I flew out from London Heathrow to Australia via Doha on Qatar Airways on 16 August 2022, for a two-month trip to see my sister Julia, brother-in-law Bruce and daughter Abigail in Brisbane. So what better than to share my photos with you here over the next two months? Watch out for several blog posts each Tuesday, as I won’t be able to include every place visited in just one blog post a week!

I begin with a few shots from the window on the aircraft; not my favourite choice to be in the window seat, but at least you can take photos of the view!

Views of Qatar from the air

It was lovely being reunited at Brisbane Airport!

Sheila and Abigail at Brisbane Airport Arrivals

After settling in – and amazingly no jetlag! – the first trip out was to Chermside Shopping Centre in the northern suburbs, and I was delighted with the lovely landscaping and planting in the restaurant area.

Chermside Shopping Centre northern suburbs Brisbane

Later, we drove out via Dayboro to the village of Samford north of Brisbane.

You will have noticed The Store of Requirement. Harry Potter gets everywhere!

Abigail in Samford, near Brisbane.

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3 thoughts on “My Australian Journey 2022 #1: Arrival in Brisbane

  1. Beautiful photos, Sheila. The weather looks amazing for early spring. I’m amazed too that you could fly all that way without stopping and then little jetlag! When we next go to New Zealand I will definitely need to stop but then I don’t like flying anyway, but good for you.

    1. Thank you Sheila. I was astonished to have no jetlag. My transfer at Doha Airport was the swiftest ever. I rushed straight through from one flight to the next & was the last to board the Doha to Brisbane flight. On that flight they let us sleep 7 hours then served ‘breakfast’ 2 hrs before we were due to land at 4.20pm local time. So they didn’t try to force us to observe appropriate meals to fit in with local time. Perhaps they now realise this is the way to avoid jetlag!

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