My Australian Journey 2022: #10 Tenterfield New South Wales and Approach to Cunningham’s Gap, Queensland

As we passed through New South Wales to the border with Queensland, we stopped off at Tenterfield, known as the ‘birthplace of Australian Democracy’. Sir Henry Parkes signed the all-important document, and is commemorated in the museum named after him here in this town. I love the area of the New England Highway which becomesContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022: #10 Tenterfield New South Wales and Approach to Cunningham’s Gap, Queensland”

My Australian Journey 2022: #9 Norman Lindsay Art Gallery, Blue Mountains, NSW

I was delighted to visit Norman Lindsay’s property in the Blue Mountains. He was an extraordinary man who lived from 1879 to 1969 and he was a writer as well as a children’s writer poet and illustrator, a wartime cartoonist, a propaganda poster designer, artist, garden designer and sculptor. His home is now an artContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022: #9 Norman Lindsay Art Gallery, Blue Mountains, NSW”

My Australian Journey 2022: #8 New South Wales views

After watching and listening to the beautiful and moving occasion of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday (19 September 2022) from Australia I offer you today scenes to calm the soul. To me the queen deserves the title Elizabeth the Great Unifier. She made her impact worldwide, among a huge section of humanity.Continue reading “My Australian Journey 2022: #8 New South Wales views”

My Australian Journey 2022 #7: Australia Zoo and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Queensland‘s wildlife sanctuaries are outstanding in the opportunities they provide visitors to observe and enjoy beautiful native animals at close range, in environments that replicate their wild habitats, and all set within lush, inspirational landscaping. Recently I visited two of these sanctuaries: Australia Zoo and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Both are magnificent. But letContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022 #7: Australia Zoo and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary”

My Australian Journey 2022 #5: Whale-Watching in Moreton Bay

The whales in Moreton Bay seemed to love our boat and we found it easy to imagine they had come out to watch us. Many pods were active everywhere we looked, jumping, breaching and curving out of the water. I found it moving and exhilarating to watch them. I felt as if I had enteredContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022 #5: Whale-Watching in Moreton Bay”

My Australian Journey 2022 #4: #ShiotaGOMA

This post is dedicated to an amazing exhibition we saw at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) on Brisbane’s South Bank. Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota presented ‘ The Soul Trembles’ – an astonishing collection of artworks and installations with the power to change the way you see the world. The first installation put these ideas intoContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022 #4: #ShiotaGOMA”

My Australian Journey 2022 #1: Arrival in Brisbane

I flew out from London Heathrow to Australia via Doha on Qatar Airways on 16 August 2022, for a two-month trip to see my sister Julia, brother-in-law Bruce and daughter Abigail in Brisbane. So what better than to share my photos with you here over the next two months? Watch out for several blog postsContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022 #1: Arrival in Brisbane”

Blog Tour: ‘The Pilgrim’ by Joy Margetts

Today I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for Joy Margetts’ new book ‘The Pilgrim‘ to be published by Instant Apostle on 22 July 2022. ‘The Pilgrim‘ is historical fiction, set in medieval Wales. BLURB Driven by ambition and family expectation, young Henry de Brampton is determined to make his mark. DestinedContinue reading “Blog Tour: ‘The Pilgrim’ by Joy Margetts”

The Tower of London in Bloom

I loved our recent visit to the Tower of London  where we enjoyed wandering through the Tower through a moat filled with wildflowers. Superbloom celebrates the Platinum Jubilee year of Her Majesty the Queen. 20 million seeds were planted and the result is astonishingly beautiful and moving. Superbloom will be on till September 2022 –Continue reading “The Tower of London in Bloom”