Excitement as Our Film Maker Daughter Abigail Robinson Graduates as Master of Screen Production

This morning we feel so proud, as our daughter Abigail has just graduated from Griffith University Film School, Queensland, with a Master in Screen Production.

Abigail Robinson, film maker, graduating as Master of Screen Production, Griffith University Queensland 14 December 2021

I watched the live-stream at midnight as Queensland is 10 hours ahead of the UK. It was an emotional moment as Abigail went across the stage to greet Henry Smerdon, the University Chancellor! This is the culmination of two and a half decades of passion for film making for Abigail: she started as a film-maker at the age of seven. Her first film location was the front room; her actors were soft toys; and they performed The Sound of Music. The soundtrack included Abigail singing the songs. We still have the footage to prove it! From then on Abigail never stopped: she continued to film videos at every opportunity, to construct miniature film-sets out of cardboard and other materials; and to produce short animations.

Abigail’s journey has taken her from studies in Media at Trinity School, Leamington Spa, on through Creative Media Production at Stratford-upon-Avon College, a BA in Media Production at the University of Gloucestershire and now to her Master in Screen Production from Griffith University Queensland.

Now Abigail is a fully fledged film maker and she is set to join an industry which, as James Curry, film maker, said in his keynote speech at the graduation ceremony, “is full of charlatons and con-tricksters and creative geniuses “. In a funny, honest, and very ‘real’ speech, he enjoined the new graduates to be “Bold, fearless, and above all creative.James Currie’s credits include sound designing, acting and music, on several films, including the Australian comedy drama Ten Canoes .

Henry Smerdon, the Chancellor of Griffith University at the Graduation Ceremony 14 December 2021 in the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, with Abigail Robinson as she receives her Master in Screen Production

Abigail’s website may be found here. Please do contact her if you would like to hire a professional for your photography, music, promotional, corporate or book-trailer video production or editing, or indeed for your film crew. She is currently filming a troupe of Torres Strait Islander dancers in Cairns, and will soon complete a book-trailer video for my YouTube Channel – I highly recommend her to those of you who are writers, building your online promotion through video.

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