A Passionate Spirit Full Cover

I was delighted to receive the full cover for my new novel this week: I’ve just sent back my third set of corrected typeset proofs to Matador and await the new proofs. When I’ve approved them, the book can go to print. Don’t forget you can pre-order the book now, either from Matador or fromContinue reading “A Passionate Spirit Full Cover”

A Passionate Spirit – My New Thriller / Suspense Novel

I’m excited to present the cover design for my new novel A Passionate Spirit, due to be published by Matador on  28 November 2015. Do let me know in your comments what you think of the design! Here is the Advance Information provided by Matador: Zoe ran through the wood in gathering dusk, her heart racing. SheContinue reading “A Passionate Spirit – My New Thriller / Suspense Novel”