Ways to Express the Person on the Inside, on the Outside

Why is it that we sometimes fail to express the person on the inside, on the outside? We can often be held back by self-limiting negative beliefs.

Published by SC Skillman

I'm a writer of psychological, paranormal and mystery fiction and non-fiction. My latest book, 'Paranormal Warwickshire', was published by Amberley Publishing in November 2020. Find all my published books here: https://amzn.to/2UktQ6x

2 thoughts on “Ways to Express the Person on the Inside, on the Outside

  1. Hi Sheila
    I enjoyed reading your article about expressing the person on the inside. I think that sometimes people have difficulty expressing the person they want to be because maybe somewhere in the past someone has said to them “you will never be any good at ….” or “if …..can do it why cant you?” or in the case of a school choir “open your mouth but dont let any sound come out”. It is the same with body image, someone can make a remark which can lead to negative self image for many years.

    There are varying attitudes in society. Sometimes if people express their talents too often, or talk about themselves, they are deemed to be “self-centered” or are “showing off”. Some of my favourite broadcasters and writers such as Rabi Lionel Blue and Clive James often talk about themselves, their past and their thoughts, and I find what they have to say fascinating.

    There is another attitude in our society today, and I see it all the time, is the kind of cynical idea that it is not “cool” to indulge in such activities such as singing and dancing. The fact that someone is up there having a go at something and possibly enjoying it is often a cause for mild ridicule (havnt we all heard of “Dad dancing”!) I have been to a couple of Jewish weddings and loved the way that everybody joined in the dancing and singing as part of the culture and this is often the case when you travel to places like Greece.

    I think that a few years ago I reached the stage where I realised that life is short, I felt that If you want to do something, then maybe you should go ahead and do it and hope for the best. You may feel quite vulnerable and unsure afterwards, but you may be pleasantly surprised at the reaction of others and be glad that you exposed this part of your inner self.

    1. Thank you for your comment Alison. I so agree with what you have said about the negative effect of other people’s attitudes – or indeed, our perception of their attitudes. It seems to me the best rule is “forget what you imagine other people may or may not think of you, but be true to yourself.” That is not easily achieved but we can be aiming for it all the time! And in the end, as you say, people will probably enjoy it and respond to it. Rabbi Lionel Blue is an excellent example. He is so real, so self-revealing, so vulnerable, and that is why, I believe, that he is so loved and admired.

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