Revisiting the Christmas List

We’ve reached the time of year for the Christmas List. I’m revisiting my subject of the Christmas List for several reasons. Amongst these are the sheer poignancy of the subject, and the fact that since then I have published a revised version of the piece in a Christmas Anthology – available here to buy onContinue reading “Revisiting the Christmas List”

Page-Turning Psychological Suspense Free on Kindle

Mystical Circles by SC Skillman   PAGE-TURNING ROMANTIC SUSPENSE    FREE ON KINDLE Download for free any time between 8pm on 24 November and 8am on 27 November “Hi, you in crowded, stressed old London from me in the peaceful, perfect Cotswolds. Massive change of plan. I’m in love. Craig is gorgeous, sexy, intelligent. Paradise here.Continue reading “Page-Turning Psychological Suspense Free on Kindle”

Promises of Freedom and a World That Refuses To Be Healed

I’m off on holiday for a week. While I’m taking a break from my laptop my blog will be quiet. However there’s a post or two in the pipeline for when I get back – but you can expect a delayed response to any comments etc. Meanwhile, though, consider this thought from an excellent bookContinue reading “Promises of Freedom and a World That Refuses To Be Healed”

Mystical Circles – Is Everything Really As Perfect As It Seems?

For those who’ve been following my series on “Mystical Experiences and Glimpses of Eternity” you may recognise this as the perennial question – unspoken – in the mind of anyone on the spiritual journey I describe. And it’s certainly the question behind much of my exploring. My heroine Juliet explores this too – in anContinue reading “Mystical Circles – Is Everything Really As Perfect As It Seems?”

“Mystical Experiences and Glimpses of Eternity” Mini Series Part 1: Stirred By A Scientist to Share a Childhood Religious Experience

What’s the difference between nature or music appreciation… and a mystical experience? When does “being moved by something beautiful” become a religious experience? Surely the criterion for a mystical experience is that it changes your life? In my case, it did. My early childhood mystical experiences ultimately led me on a spiritual journey of manyContinue reading ““Mystical Experiences and Glimpses of Eternity” Mini Series Part 1: Stirred By A Scientist to Share a Childhood Religious Experience”

Romantic Moments

What are the most romantic moments of your life?  As a mystery romance novelist I have my own ideas! The setting for my novel Mystical Circles is a gracious farmhouse in the Cotswolds; surrounded by garden, orchard, and its own land rising up the steep side of the valley to a ridge overlooking  the panorama of the SevernContinue reading “Romantic Moments”

Do Fiction Writers Use Real Life Characters in Their Novels?

Surely if you put a real person in your novel they might recognise themselves? Is it all right to use real people to create characters in your novel? Suppose they recognise themselves? In my experience this is extremely unlikely. JK Rowling based the character of Gilderoy Lockhart on someone she knew. In “Harry Potter and theContinue reading “Do Fiction Writers Use Real Life Characters in Their Novels?”

The Double-Edged Sword of an Artist’s Silence

“If I didn’t make films I don’t know what else I would do, apart from playing jazz and making a nuisance of myself.” (Woody Allen) Woody Allen’s words above show the nature of passion for art. For many creative people cannot imagine giving up, retiring, or falling into silence, before they die. The master of comicContinue reading “The Double-Edged Sword of an Artist’s Silence”

Unconscious Research and Dream Yoga

What might walking backwards through the Australian rainforest have to do with a mystery romance novel set in the Cotswolds? It was all part of my “unconscious research”. And it was a long research journey too, I admit. If you’re intrigued, go to Martin Willoughby’s blog to read my guest post on how “Dream Yoga” played a roleContinue reading “Unconscious Research and Dream Yoga”

Minor Characters Who Highlight the Theme in Great Fiction

The success of a great novel does not lie entirely in the hands of its hero. Many of my favourite novels come with a surprise gift – the character who is most interesting of all, who is not the main protagonist. This is the character you wonder about later, the character that seems to step outsideContinue reading “Minor Characters Who Highlight the Theme in Great Fiction”