My Australian Journey  2022 #6: Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

In Brisbane we find a stunning display of landscape architecture and horticulture at its best: created from reclaimed land, a former railway stabling yard beside Roma Street Station, inspired by Colin Campbell, Australian Horticulturist.

Starting at the Garden Room Cafe we meet the wildlife straight away.

The ibis is Brisbane’s answer to a seagull.

I watched a young mother chase the thieving ibis away from her fascinated little girl at the cafe table three times. That didn’t put the  ibis off. I covered up my remaining food before leaving. I knew the ibis would be getting its long beak into my dish of chutney and jug of milk!

I love the rainforest section and the overhead walkways with magnificent views of lake and high-rise city towers beyond the subtropical foliage.

The water dragons accompanied us – my daughter Abigail and I – as we strolled through the gardens.

At one point we saw a dramatic showdown between a water dragon and an ibis. The ibis had been rummaging in the shrubs and found a young gecko to eat. The water dragon suddenly sprang at the ibis who hurried away, swallowing its snack. Shame I missed taking a photo of the moment of drama!

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7 thoughts on “My Australian Journey  2022 #6: Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

  1. Lovely photos, Sheila, so pleased you are having such a great time. Freda and Chris ________________________________

    1. Roma Street Parklands is a wonderful place to explore and this years spring flowers are just glorious. Those pesky ibis, also known as bin chickens, are my least favourite birds. I’ll have a seagull anyway instead.

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