My Australian Journey 2022 #7: Australia Zoo and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Queensland‘s wildlife sanctuaries are outstanding in the opportunities they provide visitors to observe and enjoy beautiful native animals at close range, in environments that replicate their wild habitats, and all set within lush, inspirational landscaping.

Recently I visited two of these sanctuaries: Australia Zoo and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Both are magnificent. But let the animals speak for themselves.

First, eagle and owl at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary:

Next, the Australian kelpie, who demonstrated his lightning speed around the field in response to his master’s commands, and his exceptional skill at rounding up the sheep:

This lively water dragon kept an eye on us:

The wallabies and kangaroos were relaxing as they browsed in a corner of their paddock:

We loved meeting the dingoes on their walk with the keepers:

The loveable koalas captivated us all as they munched their way through the rich buffet of eucalyptus leaves provided for them in ‘Koala Forest’:

The next gallery of images celebrates Australia Zoo.

Again, the koalas enchanted us:

The wallabies and kangaroos are a favourite among gentle native wildlife, here in this environment:

Finally, the crocodiles rarely fail to respond in the Crocoseum, as I have found on previous visits to Australia Zoo. This time however, one of them really wasn’t bothered about taking his snack from the keeper at the side of the pool, although he was tempted several times. Instead, he cruised over to the high platform and circled around waiting for his treat to be dangled to him from above, which he obviously considered to be much more fun.

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2 thoughts on “My Australian Journey 2022 #7: Australia Zoo and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

    1. You’re right, Sheila. It was indeed wet! Umbrellas are the order of the day here because the rain showers come unexpectedly. It has been a blessing being out here in Australia with traditionally English weather, after all the heatwaves and droughts of England!

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