Book Review: Power Unimaginable, Book 3 of the Fantasy Trilogy Oron Amular by Michael J Harvey

Today I bring you my review of the final book in Michael J Harvey‘s fantasy trilogy Oron Amular. I reviewed the first two books in the trilogy here in my last blog post.

Book covers for the fantasy trilogy Oron Amular by Michael J Harvey

I found this, the third in the Oron Amular Trilogy, a very intense read. King Curillian, along with his Captain of the Guard, Lancoir, his magician ally Roujeark, and his loyal band of Armist comrades go through a series of extreme ordeals, tests and snares in the Mountain of Aron Amular. These tests are set for them by the Wizard Kulothiel, along with all the other tournament competititors from various races. Their company is joined by a new heroic figure whom I found fascinating: Sir Theonar of the Pegasus, who wants to challenge Southilar for the Clan Lordship of the Aranese.

With dazzling eloquence and extended scenes of violent action, the narrative seizes you and never lets you go in this book. Many pages are devoted to a ferocious account of brutal fighting. The narrative drives you along relentlessly and the series of ordeals is the stuff of dreams and nightmares, and not unlike some of the scenes in an Indiana Jones film.

Along with this the author explores the emotional and psychological landscape of his principal characters with great conviction. The outcome of the story totally defeated my expectations. I have given this book 5 stars for its power to engage, but will admit the end left me unsettled and disturbed.

We are told the story will continue, so do look up the author’s website World of Astrom to find out more.

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Book Review: Books 1 and 2 of the Fantasy Trilogy Oron Amular by Michael J Harvey

Today I am pleased to be bringing you my review of the first two books of a new fantasy trilogy set in ‘The world of Astrom’. The Oron Amular trilogy by Michael J Harvey is published by Malcolm Down

The Oron Amular fantasy trilogy by Michael J Harvey

Michael J Harvey is a fantasy novelist with a degree in Ancient and Modern History from the University of Leicester and a Masters in Medieval History from the University of Cambridge, blogger adventurer and traveller, his foremost passion is writing. Michael lives in Cambridge, England, with his wife Lucy and two sons.

Author Michael J Harvey

I met Michael at a writers’ conference in Cambridge on Saturday 4th September 2021, and listened to him talking about how he came to write this high fantasy trilogy. He shared with us how he had created the maps of his world (see, about his process of worldbuilding, and his journey towards publication.

Michael did a book-signing at the conference and we bought the trilogy from him then. I particularly loved the book covers, with their glorious colours and sublime landscapes Indeed, one of the outstanding elements of the trilogy is the author’s sharp, detailed and vivid descriptions of the landscape through which his hero and allies travel on their quest.

The Oron Amular trilogy book cover designs

My Review of Book 1: The Call of the Mountain

This, book 1 in the Oron Amular trilogy, held me captivated after a rather slow start, albeit beautifully written. I always feel with fantasy, the challenge is to build the fantasy world whilst also engaging us in a central character; and I didn’t feel fully engaged with the principal characters until well into the book. Nevertheless all the archetypes of the fantasy journey are here, and the author’s descriptions of the landscape through which the travellers pass are outstanding.

There are several extended scenes of extreme threat and physical peril which are very exciting to read. I began to feel a strong sense of identification with the journey and with the characters of Curillian the king of Maristonia, and Roujeark, his faithful ally. Roujeark as a character is especially intriguing: a gifted young magician and indispensable companion on the journey, who has special powers and a unique connection with Prelan, whom we might call the ‘Supreme Spirit’ or the deity of this narrative. The book ends on a fantastic cliffhanger, and I think we can see parallels in our life journeys here. Onto the next book in the trilogy, which is called ‘Rite of Passage.’

My Review of Book 2: Rite of Passage

In this, the second of the Oron Amular trilogy, our hero King Curillian of Maristonia, and faithful ally, magician Roujeark must complete a vital task which seems to distract them from their great journey, with their entourage, towards the Mountain of Aron Amular. There, the Keeper Kulothiel has prepared a mysterious tournament for the various races of Astrom – men, armists, dwarves and elves among them.

But first Curillian must follow a controversial and dangerous diversion on his journey, to rescue an imprisoned elven princess, before he can continue his quest. The account of the rescue is fascinating, filled with peril and vividly told.

I found this second book very exciting, engaging me on a much deeper level with the multi-dimensional character of Curillian. The narrative gathers momentum, increasing the complexity of the relationships, introducing new characters, and enriching our knowledge of Astrom and the tensions between its various races, together with several different intriguing personalities who come to the fore and challenge our heroes in a variety of ways.

In particular, I find the author’s presentation of the elves and their sometimes contradictory and ambivalent character very striking. The story works on a powerful spiritual level as well as that of a pacy, thrilling yarn. Highly recommended. Now on to the third book! 

Do check out Michael’s blog here. He may also be found here on his website, and on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. The Oron Amular Trilogy is widely available online and through bookshops.

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