For Love of the Sea and the East Sussex Coastline

Living in the Midlands, one of the things I most miss is being near the sea. Brought up in Kent, as a child I often went on family trips to Rye and Camber Sands in east Sussex.

To experience the beauty and vastness of the sea is  a magical thing in childhood. I have continued to love the sea all my life.

child on beach at Birling Gap 16 Feb 2016

This half term has been a wonderful opportunity to go to the sea! And I went to east Sussex again – Eastbourne, and the National Trust coastline at Birling Gap.

And I couldn’t resist taking photos – especially of one of my own personal images of paradise, an image that has the power to haunt your dreams and inspire the imagination – a silver sea, radiant in sunlight.



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3 thoughts on “For Love of the Sea and the East Sussex Coastline

  1. Yes the coast line along the East Sussex coast is outstanding and of course uplifting.
    We travel regularly to the coast along Moreton Bay Brisbane (only 5 klm for us) many times a week. Our favourite walk is along a timber board walk amongst the mangroves where upon high tide is a water forest wonderland with plenty of birds to spot. The iconic Mangrove Kingfisher chirps out from the Mangrove branches is an absolute delight.
    Living by or close to coast is the best lifestyle choice!

    1. Thank you for your comment Julia and of course I agree that there are many other beautiful and inspiring coastlines in the world. I too love the boardwalk through the mangroves… a fantastic environment.

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