Blog Tour: ‘Bloodstone (The Curse of Time book 1) by MJ Mallon

Today I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the brand new edition of this fantasy adventure book by MJ Mallon. I found the book captivating and full of curious magical elements. Here is my review: This is an intriguing novel for all those interested in magic, supernatural, fantasy and myth.Continue reading “Blog Tour: ‘Bloodstone (The Curse of Time book 1) by MJ Mallon”

Magical light trail at Warwick Castle

On Wednesday 30th December at the end of the Covid year 2020, we visited the Light Trail at Warwick Castle. As a local resident I have long been a frequent visitor to Warwick Castle, and of course it features in my latest book Paranormal Warwickshire. Tonight the castle was especially magical. Merlin Entertainments really hadContinue reading “Magical light trail at Warwick Castle”

Book Review: ‘The Magical History of Britain’ by Martin Wall

The period of British history which we call the Dark Ages was not dark at all – according to the author of this book, Martin Wall. But we do know the period this term covers, between about 500 and 1000 BC, was marked by frequent warfare. Many of us choose to imagine it best probablyContinue reading “Book Review: ‘The Magical History of Britain’ by Martin Wall”

Book Review: “London: A Spiritual History” by Edoardo Albert

I loved this book – attracted to it originally in the shop of the Royal Naval College Visitor Centre, Greenwich, by its delightful, playful cover design. London: A Spiritual History by Edoardo Albert begins by telling the history of London from well before the Roman invasion, and then bringing us through to the present day,Continue reading “Book Review: “London: A Spiritual History” by Edoardo Albert”

For Love of the Sea and the East Sussex Coastline

Living in the Midlands, one of the things I most miss is being near the sea. Brought up in Kent, as a child I often went on family trips to Rye and Camber Sands in east Sussex. To experience the beauty and vastness of the sea is  a magical thing in childhood. I have continued toContinue reading “For Love of the Sea and the East Sussex Coastline”

Christmas: Time for Joy, Time for Mourning

Christmas arouses so many emotions. Magical in childhood, often much more of a challenge in adulthood – which of us are “Ding Dong Merrily On High”, and which of us are “Bah Humbug”? I love many things about Christmas:  The anticipation through Advent – Advent candles Christmas carols – many of them have the most beautifulContinue reading “Christmas: Time for Joy, Time for Mourning”