Strange Tales from Paranormal Warwickshire Part 3: Shakespeare’s Ghosts and Spirits

When it comes to William Shakespeare‘s own beliefs about ghosts and spirits, scholars and actors hold divergent views. ‘Did Shakespeare believe in ghosts and spirits?” said the actor who led the Stratford-upon-Avon town ghost tour. “One hundred per cent! Of course he did!” And the unspoken corollary to that was, of course, so do allContinue reading “Strange Tales from Paranormal Warwickshire Part 3: Shakespeare’s Ghosts and Spirits”

Strange Tales From Paranormal Warwickshire Part 2: Guy’s Cliffe

Today I continue my series with the second episode: the mysterious ruined manor house off the Coventry Road, Warwick. The land at Guy’s Cliffe has been a magnet for Celtic hermits, holy people, and legendary heroes since well before the Norman Conquest, and for medieval historians and the Warwick earls later. The combination of wildContinue reading “Strange Tales From Paranormal Warwickshire Part 2: Guy’s Cliffe”

Book Review: ‘The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn

I have come at last to read The Salt Path by Raynor Winn, having heard much about it. I usually hesitate to read much-hyped books, but now, finding it on the shelves in Warwick Books, I’ve given in on this one! The first thing to say is that the cover design artwork for this book,Continue reading “Book Review: ‘The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn”

Book Review: ‘The Spirit Engineer’ by AJ West

The Spirit Engineer by AJ West: This fictionalisation of a true story was probably one of the creepiest tales I’ve ever read. The Spirit Engineer by AJ West was published in July 2022. Its creepiness does not come from the purported spirits conjured up by the deceptive Goligher family in 1920s Belfast, but much moreContinue reading “Book Review: ‘The Spirit Engineer’ by AJ West”

The Lure of a Country House Library

I was inspired by an Instagram post I read recently from a fellow-author. She said she was warming up with a cup of coffee at the Dorchester Curiosity Centre in Dorset, while waiting for her MOT to be done, and ‘contemplating how cover design has developed over the decades’. She was looking at an entireContinue reading “The Lure of a Country House Library”

Highlights of My Australian Journey 2022: A Travel Diary #4 Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

Here is the fourth post of my Highlights. Today, Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane. Reclaimed from a railway goods yard (and using land which was, of course, prior to that, used for thousands of years by the local indigenous peoples for ceremonies and meetings), these exquisite parklands are a joy to wander through and to restContinue reading “Highlights of My Australian Journey 2022: A Travel Diary #4 Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane”

My Australian Journey 2022: #8 New South Wales views

After watching and listening to the beautiful and moving occasion of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday (19 September 2022) from Australia I offer you today scenes to calm the soul. To me the queen deserves the title Elizabeth the Great Unifier. She made her impact worldwide, among a huge section of humanity.Continue reading “My Australian Journey 2022: #8 New South Wales views”

My Australian Journey 2022 #4: #ShiotaGOMA

This post is dedicated to an amazing exhibition we saw at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) on Brisbane’s South Bank. Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota presented ‘ The Soul Trembles’ – an astonishing collection of artworks and installations with the power to change the way you see the world. The first installation put these ideas intoContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022 #4: #ShiotaGOMA”

Book Reviews: ‘Heaven is For Real’ by Todd Burpo and ‘Eye Can Write’ by Jonathan Bryan

Recently two related memoirs have come into my hands within a short space of time. The first, Heaven is For Real I picked up from a secondhand book sale at a local Warwickshire Open Gardens event. The second, I bought at a writing conference in the Hayes Centre, Swanwick, just this weekend (3-5 June 2022).Continue reading “Book Reviews: ‘Heaven is For Real’ by Todd Burpo and ‘Eye Can Write’ by Jonathan Bryan”

Blog Tour: ‘Burrowed’ by Maressa Mortimer

I’m pleased to be taking part in a blog tour today for fellow author Maressa Mortimer. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Maressa several times at different author events and conferences, and she is a lovely ebullient lady with endless energy, who despite being the wife of a Baptist pastor and the mother of fourContinue reading “Blog Tour: ‘Burrowed’ by Maressa Mortimer”