A Snowy Walk to the Saxon Mill, Warwick

When thick snow arrives it transforms our world, for as long as it stays on the ground and on the trees, on the rivers and ponds.Abigail and Jamie in the snow covered field behind Saxon Mill image 1

The fascinating thing about snow – as an occasional visitor to our familiar landscape – is how it acts as a catalyst for the negative and the positive in human nature. However you see life, seems to be encapsulated in how you react to the sudden arrival of snow. As a child I was very romantic about snow. river at Saxon Mill image 5.jpgI never saw the negative side. But as adults we can see inconvenience, closure of schools and colleges, cancellation of social events, cars skidding and sliding, accidents and piles of dirty slush.

Guys Cliffe House in snow image 1

Or we can choose to see it as millions of exquisite, miraculous ice crystals, as an agent for transformation, as a way of seeing the world through new eyes, even if only for a relatively short period of time.


Near our home, the Saxon Mill pub, Warwick, is a popular venue. snow laden table overlooking the mill pond and river at the Saxon MillSituated on the river Avon by a bridge over a weir, with the atmospheric ruins of Guys Cliffe house on the horizon, it is a romantic, historical  place to which people are attracted in huge numbers – at certain times of year.  I love visiting it at any time of year but especially in the snow.the weir at the Saxon Mill image 2.jpg

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4 thoughts on “A Snowy Walk to the Saxon Mill, Warwick

  1. You know, I’ve never thought of snowfall as a polarizing (forgive the pun) force. But, you’re right I think. I love the beauty of the first snowfall. It reminds me of cozy moments indoors and the way a landscape is transformed, as we humans sometimes are, by things outside our control. But, I also dread the cold and slushy inconvenience. It’s not a simple relationship between me and snowfall. But maybe that’s worth pondering too. Thank you for the post! I enjoyed it very much.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post – thank you for your comment which was very interesting and reinforced the truth that there’s even more to snow than I had thought when writing my post! I love the phrase “not a simple relationship between me and snowfall” and it almost personifies the snow, which reminds me of the title of a novel on my TBR list: “Miss Smylla’s Feeling for Snow.” It’s probably only the title that makes me want to read it… when I’ve read all the other books on my list!

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