Cover Reveal of My New Book ‘Perilous Path: a Writer’s Journey’

I’m delighted to reveal the cover design of my new book which is due out soon:final-cover-design-jpgThe cover was created by graphic designer Annabelle Bradford.

Perilous Path: a writer’s journey is a short non-fiction book (106 pages) which will be available both as a paperback and also as a Kindle ebook.

It’s in the Self-Help / Creativity category and it’s for aspiring writers, keen fiction readers fascinated by the subject of literary inspiration and creativity, and anyone interested in how fiction writers get their ideas and go about creating full-length novels.

Here’s the blurb:

How do you find courage and motivation when your novel sinks in the middle?

How do you stay focused as a writer despite all the setbacks and disappointments?

How can great artists, musicians and psychologists give you inspiration?

You’ll find the answer to these questions and many others in this book. SC Skillman offers deep insight into the faith and hope that is vital for one who walks the perilous path into the ‘promised land’ of the writing profession.

Every chapter is an article previously published on the author’s blog Inside the mind of a writer, in answer to FAQs aspiring writers type into search engines.

For a sneak preview of the book, you can read one of the chapters in full here.


Published by SC Skillman

I'm a writer of psychological, paranormal and mystery fiction and non-fiction. My latest book, 'Paranormal Warwickshire', was published by Amberley Publishing in November 2020. Find all my published books here:

9 thoughts on “Cover Reveal of My New Book ‘Perilous Path: a Writer’s Journey’

    1. Thank you for the reblog, Lance! I’m currently awaiting a revision of the book cover design – amazing how you spot punctuation errors, and think of better words to use, when you’ve already uploaded the cover… Still I have enough time to submit a revised version. These things always take longer than planned!

  1. May I also suggest one more thing, Sheila: that you have ‘… you’ll find the answers to these questions …’ and not just ‘answer’ as it implies there’s one single answer that can be applied to all the questions. Sorry! Finished now!!

  2. It looks great – very clean lines. I have to ask, though. Is there going to be an apostrophe in the title ‘A Writer’s Journey’ or is it just that it there is one there but it doesn’t show up on this picture? Sorry to be pedantic, but I know you are, too!

    1. Thank you Fran for pointing this out – you are right, it should have an apostrophe, and it does in my ms. I will ask Annabelle to make the change, and then resubmit the cover. Thank goodness for an English teacher’s sharp eye!

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