A Resurgence in Withdrawal – Covid-19 Lockdown Art

So many of us have reacted in different ways in the UK lockdown, some being energized and leaping into action in house and garden, others relapsing into lethargy, feeling flat and down and disorientated and bewildered by what’s going on in the world. Others may have taken up a new activity or found themselves behavingContinue reading “A Resurgence in Withdrawal – Covid-19 Lockdown Art”

Great Gardens of England: Hidcote Manor Gardens, near Chipping Campden

A great garden is an image of paradise, in more than one religious outlook. Perhaps this is because  within such a garden, all the very best of the natural world is taken by human ingenuity, and then gifted and skilled gardeners weave their own design and creativity into it. Our dreams become realised through aContinue reading “Great Gardens of England: Hidcote Manor Gardens, near Chipping Campden”

The Brightest Heaven of Invention

Originally posted on the ACW “More than Writers” blog. We all know who ascends the brightest heaven of invention. Yes, it’s a muse of fire, which Shakespeare wished for in his Prologue to Henry V, as if the power of creativity were indeed a separate being, in this case from Greek mythology. And I believe that it mayContinue reading “The Brightest Heaven of Invention”

Cover Reveal of My New Book ‘Perilous Path: a Writer’s Journey’

I’m delighted to reveal the cover design of my new book which is due out soon:The cover was created by graphic designer Annabelle Bradford. Perilous Path: a writer’s journey is a short non-fiction book (106 pages) which will be available both as a paperback and also as a Kindle ebook. It’s in the Self-Help / CreativityContinue reading “Cover Reveal of My New Book ‘Perilous Path: a Writer’s Journey’”

Rain Soaked Odyssey of Delight Round Highgrove Garden

Drenching rains accompanied our tour round HRH the Prince of Wales’ intriguing garden at Highgrove but with so much to wonder at, we all kept going and completed the tour. Highgrove Garden made me think of the plot of a children’s book, quirky, fun, playful. At every turn there is a new surprise, like somethingContinue reading “Rain Soaked Odyssey of Delight Round Highgrove Garden”

And You Will Be Like a Watered Garden…

A well-watered garden is a powerful image of creativity, abundance, fruitfulness. When asked to describe or picture heaven, I often see it as a garden. The Prophet Isaiah, wrote these words:  And the LORD will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will beContinue reading “And You Will Be Like a Watered Garden…”