Australia and New Zealand Mini Series Part 16: Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane

The Diamantina 2nd World war frigate at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane

This is the sixteenth in my series of short reflections on different places in Australia and New Zealand, which I visited in November 2019.

Map of Australia and New Zealand

In my last post I wrote about the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens which may be found inside a big loop of the Brisbane River, opposite the Kangaroo Point cliffs on the south bank.

Having walked through the City Botanic Gardens, you will reach the Brisbane riverstage. There you will find the Goodwill Bridge, a footbridge which spans the Brisbane River, and takes you directly to the Queensland Maritime Museum on the south bank.

view of the dry dock where the Diamantina is displayed at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane

This is a fascinating museum run mostly by volunteers, where you may find not only a gallery full of intriguing maritime history and objects, but also a World War 2 ship, The Diamantina, outside in the dry dock, together with Brisbane’s favourite tug, the Forceful.

The Diamantina is a Royal Australian Navy frigate built in Queensland and commissioned in 1945 and one of the last remaining World War II river class frigates in the world.

The Diamantina at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane

I love exploring historical ships like this and it was fascinating to go round all the rooms below decks and to imagine what life was like for the crew when the ship saw service during the 2nd World War.

The quarterdeck of the Diamantina, Queensland Maritime Museum Brisbane

Also on display is The Forceful, Brisbane’s favourite tug.

Information sign on the quarterdeck of the Diamantina at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane
View of The Forceful and the Brisbane river, taken from the Queensland Maritime Museum
Information sign about The Forceful, at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane

The Forceful’s propeller, on display at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane
view of the Brisbane river from the Stokehouse bar and restaurant

Afterwards we strolled a short way along the south bank to one of Brisbane’s newest restaurant and bars, The Stokehouse, where we enjoyed an apple cider, seated on bar stools overlooking the river.

Here you may explore fascinating exhibitions on such themes as “Antarctica: Endurance and Survival” and “The Land of Dreams… Over the Seas to Queensland.”

Allow at least two or more hours to do justice to all the exhibits and to enable you to explore the ships.

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