Book Reviews: Works by Charles Harris

I had the pleasure of meeting Charles Harris as we were both among the authors who attended the Brechin Book Festival in Brechin, Scotland in November, 2021. It was great chatting to Charles, award-winning film director and screenwriter, and fiction author. He has also written, besides his fiction, a complete screenwriting course. I’ve now readContinue reading “Book Reviews: Works by Charles Harris”

Reblog: A Vagrant Enters the Lower Strangling Literary Festival

Today I reblog this wonderful post by my son Jamie Robinson on his satirical blog. It was surely pure coincidence that he had recently been to the Brechin Bookfest in Scotland! “Well, everything seems to be in order.” The Rev. Simon Abernathy said as he observed the various tables dotted around the village hall; awaitingContinue reading “Reblog: A Vagrant Enters the Lower Strangling Literary Festival”