My Australian Journey 2022 #12: Australian Birds and Animals

As I look through all the photos I’ve taken during my 2 months in Australia, it’s fun to look for themes, rather than posting images of places visited, in chronological order. My first overarching theme is ‘Birds and Animals’. Not so many bird photos I’m afraid as I rarely managed to capture them on cameraContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022 #12: Australian Birds and Animals”

My Australian Journey 2022: #8 New South Wales views

After watching and listening to the beautiful and moving occasion of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday (19 September 2022) from Australia I offer you today scenes to calm the soul. To me the queen deserves the title Elizabeth the Great Unifier. She made her impact worldwide, among a huge section of humanity.Continue reading “My Australian Journey 2022: #8 New South Wales views”

Naturewatch in St Nicholas Churchyard Kenilworth

Last Sunday St Nicholas Church Kenilworth held a ‘Naturewatch’ in the churchyard. The church is close to the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey and Abbey Fields, which feature in my book Paranormal Warwickshire. The Naturewatch took us on a walk around the churchyard identifying a variety of beautiful and curious things – flowers, trees, gravestones,Continue reading “Naturewatch in St Nicholas Churchyard Kenilworth”

Green and Blue Walks in a Time of Waiting

Just a few images from nature to lift our spirits at this time of anxiety and fear for many during the UK Lockdown. The streets and lanes are quiet and dreamlike with just a few people taking their one piece of exercise a day during this Covid 19 crisis. These photos were taken in theContinue reading “Green and Blue Walks in a Time of Waiting”

The Battle Between Spring and Winter in England March 2018

In England we do love talking about the weather and so  during the last few weeks we have had several heavensent opportunities to express a wide range of thoughts and feelings about it. But beauty is everywhere, and there are few things more poignant and touching than signs of fresh new life juxtaposed with aContinue reading “The Battle Between Spring and Winter in England March 2018”