My Australian Journey 2022 #5: Whale-Watching in Moreton Bay

The whales in Moreton Bay seemed to love our boat and we found it easy to imagine they had come out to watch us. Many pods were active everywhere we looked, jumping, breaching and curving out of the water. I found it moving and exhilarating to watch them. I felt as if I had enteredContinue reading “My Australian Journey 2022 #5: Whale-Watching in Moreton Bay”

A-Z of Warwick nearly complete

I’m pleased to report that my new nonfiction book A-Z of Warwick will soon be complete. Again, as for my previous two books Paranormal Warwickshire and Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire the research has been fascinating. The book will uncover some intriguing stories about the town of Warwick, past, present and future; and will contain 100Continue reading “A-Z of Warwick nearly complete”