The Laborious Art of Book Writing

I love this post by Lucy Mills and it echoes my own thoughts about the process of writing a book. Lucy is writing an inspirational book, not a novel, but she describes an experience common to all those who throw themselves heart and soul into writing a full-length work for publication. Lucy refers to the revision process; but I can testify that even getting that first draft written presents the same challenges. It can be compared to an artist, covering the canvas before they can begin to work on the details. Do read and comment on Lucy’s post.

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2 thoughts on “The Laborious Art of Book Writing

  1. I loved this blog! I too can identify with the struggles of the creative process. I am grappling with how to bring to life the significance of the resurrection in our daily lives knowing that Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching!


    1. Thank you for your comment. I hope that you have some fresh insights and inspiration of your own – I took part in an Easter Experience for children age 5-7 today at St Mark’s and I was in charge of the “Remember Me” station all about the last supper and the bread and wine. I had some fascinating replies from the children about objects they use to remember people. One little girl said, “stories” because the stories her grandfather told help her to remember him. I thought that was beautiful.

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