Book Review: ‘A History of Women in Medicine’ by Sinead Spearing

A History of Women in Medicine: Cunning Women, Physicians, Witches by Sinead Spearing is published by Pen & Sword. I was fascinated to read this book, as I have myself for some time been considering writing a nonfiction book on the subject of the Anglo-Saxon ‘cunning-woman’. Sinead Spearing is “a psychological historian specialising in theContinue reading “Book Review: ‘A History of Women in Medicine’ by Sinead Spearing”

Thoughts on Christianity and Paganism, by Blogger/Author Vivienne Tuffnell

Originally posted on The Bingergread Cottage:
I’m joined in the Bingergread Cottage today by a dear friend with whom I share a lot. Welcome, Vivienne and make yourself at home. Don’t give Lily the cake, it’s chocolate and she doesn’t like it anyway. Help yourself to tea or coffee and let’s have a chat. Mmmmmm…