I Have a New Book Coming Out Soon

I’m pleased to announce I have a new book coming out soon, this time non-fiction. It will be a short one, 100 pages, and  will be available in paperback as well as an ebook. I’ve written it for all those who’d love to know  about the process of writing novels: whether they be aspiring writers,Continue reading “I Have a New Book Coming Out Soon”

What the Tide at Lindisfarne Has To Teach a Creative Writer

During my visit to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne last year, I sat on the shore by the Lindisfarne Causeway and watched the tide come in and cover the road. Here are my insights – and a few images – from that experience. Sitting at the end of the causeway and watching the tide comeContinue reading “What the Tide at Lindisfarne Has To Teach a Creative Writer”

The Writer’s Journey

After being turned down by numerous publishers, he had decided to write for posterity – George Ade It is a truth certainly acknowledged by the author of the above quote that many creative writers struggle for years, enduring perhaps decades in the wilderness of submissions and rejections, before their persistence finally pays off. Most would-beContinue reading “The Writer’s Journey”