Blog Tour and Book Review: The Healing by Joy Margetts

It is my pleasure today to be part of the blog tour for a beautiful new book from the publisher Instant Apostle, a book which is a debut novel for its author, Joy Margetts. During the Covid19 pandemic many have spoken about the experience of lockdown, and some have felt it has been a timeContinue reading “Blog Tour and Book Review: The Healing by Joy Margetts”

Wisdom from Hermitage, Cave and Monastery

Sometimes you hear people say “What’s the use of being a solitary contemplative?” How can any of humanity’s problems be resolved by those who withdraw from the world, to live the life of a hermit or a monk? The vital role of the sadhu or holy man is long established in Indian tradition; and renewed interestContinue reading “Wisdom from Hermitage, Cave and Monastery”