Magical light trail at Warwick Castle

On Wednesday 30th December at the end of the Covid year 2020, we visited the Light Trail at Warwick Castle. As a local resident I have long been a frequent visitor to Warwick Castle, and of course it features in my latest book Paranormal Warwickshire. Tonight the castle was especially magical. Merlin Entertainments really hadContinue reading “Magical light trail at Warwick Castle”

Enchantment in the Natural World in this Time of Lockdown

As the days of the lockdown pass, I’m becoming more aware of a new and powerful sense of renewal in the natural world. Not only have I noticed this on my daily walks but I am hearing it from other people too. “It’s like going back 50 years. Everyone is so much more ‘together’ andContinue reading “Enchantment in the Natural World in this Time of Lockdown”