The Nature of Creative Inspiration and Practice – Inspiration from Hilary Mantel

Recently I watched and listened to Hilary Mantel speaking at an online event from the Stratford-upon-Avon Literary festival, following the publication this year of her two newest books The Mirror and the Light and Mantel Pieces. I loved what Hilary said about the process of writing.  It seems that she does not subscribe to theContinue reading “The Nature of Creative Inspiration and Practice – Inspiration from Hilary Mantel”

Good Progress on New Novel “Director’s Cut”

I’m making good progress on my new paranormal suspense novel Director’s Cut, working towards 50,000 words for Nanowrimo.… and trying to follow my own advice in my article The writing process for creating a novel in less than a month. No writing for the rest of today as I’ll be in London, but since that’s whereContinue reading “Good Progress on New Novel “Director’s Cut””

What’s Creative Writing? Tips for New Writers

Creative writing starts with passion. Therefore, if you want to be a creative writer, the first thing to do is identify your passion.