Fiction Genre: What is it Exactly?

As a writer, I believe we should be willing to explore new areas, and to step outside our comfort zone. And that applies very closely to our lives as readers too. I read a wide variety of books, both non-fiction, and fiction of all genres. I admit I do like psychological insight but I believeContinue reading “Fiction Genre: What is it Exactly?”

Book Review: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Today I share a review of this historical gothic fantasy set in1950s Mexico. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a rich feast for lovers of gothic sinister-mansion stories. Creepy, disturbing, sensuous, all the tropes are here. The story takes our main protagonist, Noemi Taboada, a lively socialite, into a truly menacing setting in a mountainContinue reading “Book Review: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia”

Genre: What is it Exactly?

On  2nd September on the second day of my Mystical Circles blog tour, blogger Jenny in Neverland hosted a guest post from me on her blog. This is part of a series when I shall be re-blogging those articles from that blog tour. So today’s post is the article Jenny first published, called: Genre: whatContinue reading “Genre: What is it Exactly?”

Fun and Excitement with Fantasy Authors at the UK Games Expo 2017

The UK Games Expo had not been on my radar until Richard Denning one of the Games Expo directors and a historical and fantasy novelist, kindly offered me space on the Authors Stand in the Birmingham NEC during the weekend Friday 2 – Sunday 4 June 2017. So there I was for three days, sharing a standContinue reading “Fun and Excitement with Fantasy Authors at the UK Games Expo 2017”

Action Adventure Tropes and Powerful Archetypes in Stories

I love to see how tropes specific to certain genres of story telling can cross boundaries into different genres. One example came to my mind recently whilst watching our DVD of Tintin and the Adventure of the Unicorn again. This story centres around “an old Sea Captain’s estate”; we learn from the villain (an unreliableContinue reading “Action Adventure Tropes and Powerful Archetypes in Stories”