A Resurgence in Withdrawal – Covid-19 Lockdown Art

So many of us have reacted in different ways in the UK lockdown, some being energized and leaping into action in house and garden, others relapsing into lethargy, feeling flat and down and disorientated and bewildered by what’s going on in the world. Others may have taken up a new activity or found themselves behavingContinue reading “A Resurgence in Withdrawal – Covid-19 Lockdown Art”

Heatwave Inspiration – The View From Broadway Tower in Bright Sunshine

What do you do in a heatwave? We headed for the Cotwolds and one of our favourite places, Broadway Tower. The last time I was there a cold gusty wind and a heavy damp mist greeted us. But on this visit, the sun blazed out of an azure sky,   and it was an idealContinue reading “Heatwave Inspiration – The View From Broadway Tower in Bright Sunshine”

A Fresh Sense of Perspective From the Sea

Here are a few views from our recent visit to Eastbourne. Living as I do in the Midlands, I cannot help missing the seaside!  There’s nothing like water – be it river, lake or sea – to make us feel open and free and to give us a fresh sense of perspective. Now I’m back inContinue reading “A Fresh Sense of Perspective From the Sea”